Motorcycle Helmets - The Must Haves for the Riders

Do you wear motorcycle helmets while you are riding your stylish bike? Do you know that these protective headgears are the must-haves for the motorbike riders? It is a proven fact that motorcyclists are at higher risks of facing accidents than the car riders. In many cases, accidents had taken the toll of lives, and head injuries had been the primary cause. Though the other body parts of a rider can also get affected, but head is the major point that easily gets injured in the motorbike accidents. Safety is the primary concern for all motorcyclists and to ensure absolute safety while driving, a motorcyclist must wear his or her helmet. According to the systematic review of 2008, use of motorcycle helmets have reduced the risks of head injuries by 69%. There has been also 42% reduction in death caused by head injuries due to motorcycle accidents.

Along with offering safety, helmets are now become the symbol of style and fashion. Seeing the demand of these protective headgears, manufacturing companies of motorbike helmets are now offering fantastic and innovative designed helmets for all types of motorcyclist. Be it the kids, youths, or women, all can find their helmets in the market.

What are the major types of motorcycle helmets?

Basically there are 5 types of helmets available in the market, which are specially meant for the motorbike riders. Each of these 5 types comes with a chin strap, which highly stands for the protective benefits. However, there are variations in the chin strap for snug fittings. The good thing is that each of the 5 types comes with latest designs and innovative concepts that will suit your stylish look. You can get a cool look helmet to match your latest motorbike.

Full face helmets

full face helmetsThese helmets cover the entire head and come with rears which cover the skull base. The protective section of the helmets is designed over the front of the rider's chin. These helmets give the most protection to the motorcycle riders as they offer the most coverage. These helmets are the ideal protection accessory for any motorbike rider as most of the crashes have major impact on chin-ban area, which is protected by these headgears. Not only safety these full face helmets are also stylish and give a cool and smart look to the rider.

Off-road or motocross helmets

motocross helmetsThese helmets are loved by those riders who prefer to get an elongated visor and chin portions. These helmets have also a chin bar which is designed in such a way that it remains partially open face to provide the motorcyclist extra protection. Riders, who wear goggles and want unhindered airflow while driving, can take these motocross and off-road helmets. Off-road riding is really a strenuous activity and these helmets are made keeping in mind the requirements of these types of riding. Riders are allowed by the visor of the off-road helmet to dip their heads. The visor also offers further protection to the eyes from the rays of the sun and the flying debris. Modern motocross or off-road helmets come with an additional chin bar that offers protection of the face. When these helmets are properly teamed up with goggles, they provide the same level of protection as the full face helmets.

Flip-up or modular helmets

modular helmetsThese helmets are perfect for street use. They are the hybrids between the open face and full face helmets. The flip-up or modular helmets are also termed as flip-face or convertible helmets. They resemble the full face helmets when they are perfectly closed and perfectly assembled. The peculiarity or specialty of a modular helmet lies in its chin bar, which is generally pivoted upwards by a lever that is specially designed to provide access to the face of the rider. When a rider is wearing a flip-up helmet he or she can have easy conversation, or can eat and drink too, without removing the helmet or unfastening its chin strap. The modular or flip-up helmets are the popular to motor officers. Modern day flip-up or modular helmets are designed particularly to suit the needs of the riders who want comfort, safety, and style in one headgear protection.

Open face helmets or ¾ helmets

open face helmetsThese helmets will give protection only to the cheek, ears, and back of the head of the rider. It lacks offering protection to the face and eyes. However, to resist flying debris, sunlight glare, dust, bugs, and wind one should use a snap-on visor and goggles or sunglasses.

Half helmets

Once highly popular among the road racers and rockers of the UK and USA these half helmets are prohibited now by the Motorcycle Safety Foundations due to their inferiorities comparing to other types of helmets.

Where to buy motorcycle helmets?

Though you will find plethora of helmet models with varied price structure in the market, but you need to be a little choosy while buying the right helmet for you. The right motorbike helmets will come with the perfect combination of safety, comfort and style. There are several protective headgear manufactures that provide quality helmets with latest designs. Some modern helmets also come with Bluetooth. There are some specific brands too that gained popularity in the market for their quality products but in cheap price. HJC, ARAI, SHOEI, SCORPION, AGV, ICON, NOLAN, and KBC are some of the most popular brands of motorcycle helmets. Each of the brands has got fantastic reviews about their helmets and is equally loved by those customers who want best motorcycle helmets and cheap motorbike helmets.

So if you have the latest bike, do not forget to take its most important accessories – the helmets that will offer comfort and safety. To ensure that your head will not injure, you should wear a helmet. Wear motorcycle helmets and say goodbye to injuries.

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